Tue. May 11th, 2021

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9 Pcs Monster Hunter Rise NFC Cards,


Magnamalo amiibo cards
*Unlocks the Sinister Seal Armor Set for your hunter.
*Also unlocks the Fish Collar Armor Piece for Palico and Shuriken Collar Armor Piece for Palamute.

Palamute amiibo Cards
*Unlocks the Sinister Seal armor set for your Palamute

Palico amiibo Cards
*Unlocks the Sinister Seal armor set for your Palico

List of cards:

Monster Hunter Rise series
Monster Hunter Story Series
4.Rathalos with one eye and rider – Female
5 Rathalos with one eye and rider – Male
7.Rathian and Cheval
8.Barioth and Ayuria
9.Qurupeco and Dan

HIGH QUALITY GAMEPALY: 9pcs cards not repeating, including Palamute, Palico, Magnamalo. The cards help you to get all the cool exclusive clothing and items rewards, allowing you to find more fun in the game.
NOT AMIIBO: NFC cards for Monster Hunter Rise. With clear picture printing and built-in high-quality chip. The internal data and functions of the game card are the same as Amiibo.
EASY TO CARRY: With a mini size, the cards are very convenient for you to carry. You can put them in your pocket so that you can take them out to play whenever you want. In addition, the transparent box prevents them from being lost.
HIGH COMPATIBILITY: NFC Amiibo card is with Switch, Switch Lite, Wii U, and New 3DS systems will not affect your games and devices. It helps to improve the game experience and it’s suitable to share with friends.
PRODUCT GUARENTEE: NFC Cards have a very low chance of data loss rate. You will get nine cards in the picture. If you have some questions, please feel free to contact us.

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