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95 Pcs ACNH NFC Tag Mini Game Rare

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Card List: 1-Marshal 2-Merengue 3-Lily 4-Bob 5-Fauna 6-Savannah 7-Whitney 8-Broccolo 9-Coco 10-Ruby 11-Julian 12-Gala 13-Hamlet 14-Rolf 15-Chrissy 16-Francine 17-Maple 18-Stitches 19-Lolly 20-Fang 21-Melba 23-Lucky 24-Rosie 25-Cheri 26-Punchy 27-Poppy 28-Tutu 29-Lionel 30-Chief 31-Diana 32-Molly 33-Felicity 34-Tia 35-Olivia 36-Rhonda 37-Pekoe 38-Beau 39-Tiffany 40-Sprinkle 41-Ankha 42-Freya 43-Elvis 44-Colton 45-Chevre 46-Merry 47-Daisy 48-Blanche 49-Skye 50-Goldie 51-lucy 52-Mira 53-Pietro 54-Aurora 55-Celia 56-Gayle 57-Portia 58-Bluebear 59-Zucker 60-Shari 61-Flurry 62-Tom 63-Kidd 64-Cookie 65-Nana 66-Kitty 67-Bud 68-Flora 69-Chadder 70-Apollo 71-Pink 72-Marcie 73-Kabuki 74- snake 75- roscoe 76 blaire, 77 gladys, 78 kid cat, 79 agent s, 80 mitzi, 81 marina, 82 drago, 83 chester, 84 joey, 85 lyman 86 dotty, 87 rudy, 88 apple, 89 ribbo,t 90 twiggy

BROAD MATCH:Compatible with nintendo switch/switch lite/Wii U and new 3DS systems.Works perfect Like amiibos
LOW DATA LOSS RATE:NFC Cards have a certain data loss rate(less than 0.03%).Contact us,if cards defective.We replace any invalid cards and invalid cards don’t need to be returned.
COST-EFFECTIVE:90 Pcs/pack with storage case,saves a lot of money.
EASY TO CARRY: Small size,1.25*0.85*0.05 inches.Water-proof and Wear-resistant

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