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Arcade Fight Stick – PXN USB PC Street Fighter Arcade Game Fighting Joystick Controller with Turbo and Macro Function for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Window PC 0082


Product Description


1.Please note: Since the button programming of switch and xbox is opposite, when you connect to the switch, the functions of the A button (purple button) and B button (red button) are opposite, and the X button (pink button) and Y button (green button) ) The function is opposite, and the other function keys are normal.

This problem cannot be solved through the programming button, and it has caused you trouble. We are deeply sorry.

If you need help, please ask us , thank you for your support.

2.When connecting to Switch,you must use Type-C OTG.(OTG is not included.)

Instructions for using the OTG adapter to connect to the Switch: (When connecting to the Switch base, you do not need to use the OTG adapter):

a.Connect the OTG adapter to the USB port of the arcade joystick, and then insert the OTG type-C port into the switch host.

b.Press any button on the arcade joystick and the controller identification window will pop up.

c.After pressing the L1 and R1 buttons on the arcade joystick at the same time, press the B button (red button) on the arcade joystick to complete the recognition.

3.When connecting to PS4, you must power off the original controller of PS4 and Use USB cable to connect original PS4 controller to Arcade fight stick’s USB port.

4.When connecting to Xbox one, you must power off the original controller of Xbox one and Use USB cable to connect original XBOX ONE controller to Arcade fight stick’s USB port.

5.when being used on PC,it doesn’t Support the DINPUT.

6.If you want to use it on a device not mentioned on the page, please ask us by email.


1.Simulation of joystick and buttons from the arcade machine.

2. High abrasion resistant steel joystick and durable action buttons.

3. Use the joystick as direction stick or D-pad depends on the type of games, one button to switch.

4.TURBO and MACRO function for more fun.

5.Four powerful suction pads make the product easy to fix.


Q:Does this work with the Xbox 360?

A:No, this not work with the Xbox 360.

Q:Does it have bluetooth ? can this connect to ipad?

A:The arcade stick is USB wired, and don’t compatible with iPad.

Q:Does the joystick move in 8 directions?

A:The joystick does move, and has a very nice “click” that occurs in all 8 directions.

Q:Can I use this for any games on PS4?

A:No, it is only suitable for fighting games

Q:Does this work on macs?

A:No, it is not work on macs.

Q:Can this wake up the switch?

A:No, it is can not wake up the switch

PC Connection

1.Plug the USB of Joystick into the computer USB interface.

2.At the first connection, your computer will find new hardware and install the driver automatically.


It Can test function buttons and stick through computer game controller on PC. The specific methodsshow below:

WIN XP/7/10: enter Control Panle → Devices and Printers → controller icon → right click with your mouse → Game controller settings, chooseProperties test.

Open the test interface as below, you can test theaxes and buttons.

Using For PS3

1.Plug the USB of Joystick into the PS3 USB interface,power on the console.

2.After connection, the console will allocate a channel to Joystick and the compared indicator light on. You can start to play gameor set functions of console.

Using For PS4

1.Power off the original controller of PS4.

2.Connect the Joystick with PS4 controller by Micro USB cable.

3.Plug the USB of Joystick into PS4 USB interface.

4.Press the button of “HOME” . After that the Joystick can start to play game and setting.

Using For SWITCH

Connect With Switch Console

1.Connect the TYPE-C OTG with the USB of Arcade Fightstick. 2.Connect the USB main cable of the Arcade Fightstick to Switch Console. 3.Power on switch console to play.

Connect With Switch dock

1.Place the Switch dock and ensure successful connection.

2.Plug the USB of Arcade Fightstick into Switch dock and power on Switch console.


Using For Xbox One

1.Power off the original controller of XBOX ONE.

2.Connect the Joystick with console controller by Micro USB cable.

3.Plug the USB of Joystick into console USB interface.

4.Press the button of “HOME” . After that the Joystick can start to play game and setting.


Product Model:




Compatible equipment:

PS3 /PS4 /Xbox One/PC (windows 7/8/10)/ Switch (Please note Mac/Apple computers/Apple equipment not supported)



Line length:


Product weight:


TURBO Function

1.Available Buttons:A、B、X、Y、LB、RB、LT、RT.

2.TURBO Set:Press TURBO and Available Buttons,indicator LED flash.

3.TURBO Clear:Press TURBO and Well-Setting Buttons,indicator LED lights off.

MACRO Function

It supports one-key programming of the button setting “MACRO”, and can customize the button , allowing you to release your finger and Ko enemy easily.

Joystick MODE Change

1.Turn the switch to the icon of “D-pad”,thejoystick is D-pad function on different consoleapplication.

2.Turn the switch to the icon of “Controller Joystick”the joystick is Controller joystick function ondifferent console application.

360° Rotary Joystick

The joystick can be rotated in 8 directions and responds quickly, which has a great sense of operation and gives you the best gaming experience, let you regain the fun of playing the arcade.

Non-slip Rubber Base

with non-slip rubber base to hold the fighting stick firmly in place.

Ergonomic Design

with ergonomic design to make you hands comfortable when playing.

🎮【Widely Compatibility】 The arcade controller is widely compatible with Switch / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox One / PC(Windows 7/8/10)★★★When connecting to Switch,you must use Type-C OTG.(OTG is not included.)※Cannot support earphones and headsets, cannot support chat.★★★
🎮【TURBO and MACRO Function】One-button release combination skill,TURBO and MACRO function for more fun,Release your finger and KO enemy easily.
🎮【Switchable Joystick Mode】The USB game controllerhas switchable joystick mode that will let you switch between direction stick and D-pad depending on the type of game you are playing.
🎮【Ergonomic & Non-slip Design】The arcade controller adopts ergonomic design, which is comfortable, convenient and durable, and can fit your hand perfectly. The joystick base has four non-slip bottom pads that securely attach it to the table to prevent the rocker from shaking.

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