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Argle Bargle: The Game Where You

Argle Bargle is a hilariously funny, creative, and deceptively simple card game where players create ridiculous insults out of random words and phrases to defeat their friends. Special cards like ‘Reversal’, ‘Redirect’, and ‘Boom!’ add unexpected consequences and keep the gameplay fun and exciting. The perfect party game for your next family gathering or game night. Witty fun for the whole family with no “bad” words but plenty of innuendo if you want to go there. Great for groups of teenagers, it’s fun and funny – not mean, cruel, or dirty. Argle Bargle is an entertaining and clever party game that’s easy to learn and play with small or large groups. It can also be an educational learning experience as kids and adults use proper grammar to create witty and humorous sentences to win the game. Part skill, with a little bit of luck and lots of strategy make for lots of replayability that has families coming back to play time and time again. | Each box includes 200 full color high quality cards with words and phrases on each side of the card | 8 page full-color rulebook | 40 real glass gems for up to 8 player’s ‘lives’ | A sweet velvet gem bag | Games last 15 to 30 minutes each. For 2 to 8 players, ages 14 and up.

Argle Bargle: The Game Where You Insult Your Friends
Create ridiculous and hilarious insults out of words and phrases to best your opponents
No “bad” words. A party game for the whole family, great for teens
Easy to learn, quick games, great for family game night
200 full color high quality cards, 8 page color rule book, 40 glass gems for player ‘lives’, sweet velvet gem bag

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