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BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game – Upper

Product Description


Since the establishment,BOHS toys are dedicated to design toys that to fuel imagination,encourange kids to learn and grow through play time, build up the natural curiosity that leads to the lifetime learning! From educational and learning toys to outdoor sport toys for every age,BOHS have been committed to making exceptional children’s products, with a focus on quality, attention to detail, and dedication to make the children around the world smarter and stronger.

Literacy Wiz GameLiteracy Wiz Game

BOHS sight words cards help letter recognition, spelling,word building, early vocabulary & object recognition for young kids.Holder Support 5 Letters – Spells up to 5-letters word.52 letters – 2 sets of complete alphabet letters,supporting to spell most English words, you could also spells the words which not included in the accompany cards .120 Sight Words – 60 cards, double sides printed, 120 words with pictures.Teaching Tips: Use lower-case letters to teach the letter sounds for phonemic awareness , while use upper-case letters to teach letter names, but do teach them seperately in case of confusing to learners.Product Upgraded since Feb. 2019, no improper or outdated words.

Letter namesLetter names

How to play the letter tiles ?

Tip 1 -Use lower-case letters to teach the letter sounds for phonemic awareness , while use upper-case letters to teach letter names, but do teach them seperately in case of confusing to learners.Tip 2 – Put the letters in order, so kids could pick up the letters easier.

spelling gamespelling game

How to play flash cards ?

Including 60 double-sided flash cards, along with the picture makes learners easier to undersatand and remember the word.

Sentence Games – One player shows the first card and make a sentence with the word on that card, the next player show the second card , and make another sentence which must include both the words on the first and second card, and keep on running the sentence game card by card.Card Matching Game – Parents put a word on the holder, and ask kids to look for its card, kids could recognize and differetiate each card during the card hunting process. Spelling Game – Cover the word by the flap, run a literacy spelling game, take turn to spell the word, the one who spells correctly keep the card, let’s see who have the most cards !

holder with flap

holder with flap

52 letters

52 letters

60 cards

60 cards

Holder with Flap

The holder supports to spell from 3-letters to 5-letters word,greatly expand the words volume that kids could learn and play.Use the flap to cover the word on the card, and spell out !

52 Pieces Letters Included

BOHS literacy wiz game include 2 sets of complete alphabet letters, 2 pieces for each letter, so that you could spell the word which include 2 identical letters.Consistent Letter Font – Tiles letter font consistent with cards letter font.

60 Cards/120 Sight Words

Including 60 double-sided flash cards which upgraded since Feb. 2019, no improper or outdated words.Including 30 3-letter sight words,50 4-letter sight words,40 5-letter sight words which are carefully selected,representing the most commonly used daily words.Dirty-proof cards – Cards are covered with protective film, so the dirt could be wiped out with ease.

Play Play

For English Lanuage Beginners – Including letter recognition, spelling,word building, and early vocabulary.By putting the cubes together to form a word, the kid gains an important understanding of the mechanics of vocabulary,aided by the picture cards which provide a clue to the meaning of the word being formed.
Tons of Fun – Your kid can play this game alone, or taking turns to play with a sibling or friend,cover word with the flap, the one who spells correctly keep the card,the one keeps the most cards wins. This could keep the kids busy for hours in educational time.
Autism Learning Materials- Working towards creating each word and match it with the card helps your child develop their concentration and memory skills, preparing them the essential skills for future academic success.
Package Content – 1 Tray,52 Letter Cubes, 60 Double Sides Printed Cards/120 Words (Cards Upgraded Since Feb. 2019), packed in pizza box package, easy storage in or after playing.
Check the Most Recent Customer Review – Product Updated, Please check the most recent customer review !

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