Fri. Mar 5th, 2021


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CECHA Fan Noise? : PS3

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Recently acquired a CECHA backward compatible PS3. While it seems to work quite well (tested ps3, ps2, ps1, dvd and bluray), the fan will rev up really loud after maybe 15 minutes of playtime. Even without a disc, the fan kicks in just from the home screen. It is really, really loud and distracting…

I used to have a CECHB backwards compatible, and while the fan would get loud, this one is even louder. I know because my TV volume levels are still the same, but with the CECHA will drown out any in-game audio, whereas previously the levels were comfortable.

Wondering if anyone has advice regarding mods or other work which could be done to reduce the noise output? Could I have the fan replaced with something more efficient? Anything else?

I’m also really not very savvy with any electronic work, so this would probably have to be something I hire out to have done…

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