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Controller Battery Packs for Xbox Series X S

Battery Replacements for Xbox Series X S – 2 Rechargeable Batteries,4 Battery Covers and a Charging Cord Compatible with Xbox Series X/Series S/One/One X/One S Elite
Introducing Arisll Battery Replacements for Xbox Series X S
More Playing Time:A battery pack fits for all Xbox Series X S One/One X/One S Elite
Battery Kit for Xbox Controller Includes:
1 x charging cord compatible with charging station
2 x battery replacements for xbox series s/series x/one/one x/one s elite controller
2 x battery covers for xbox controller series s/series x
2 x battery covers for xbox controller one/one x/one s elite

Battery Cover Replacements for all Xbox: The battery kit contains 2 battery covers door replacements for Xbox Series X Series S, and 2 battery covers for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox S Elite.
Charge in 2 ways with LED Indicator: The batteries are built with LED indicator to easily identify if the battery is fully charged. The batteries can be charged directly with a charging cable or charged in the controller
Secure with Protection Chip: The battery is built with a protection chip to prevent over-current, over-heat, short circuit, and over-voltage so you can charge the controllers freely and let it stay on charge the station even when fully charged.

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