Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

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DDR Non-Slip Dance Pad for PS/PS2, Wii, Xbox

DDRGame proudly introduces the DDR Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform. Built with durability, comfort and performance in mind, the DDR Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform represents a new series of dance platforms that will transform your way of playing DDR. The DDR Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform is the first dance platform that features intelligent groove-texture arrows on the dance surface. The strategically crafted and placed groove textures allow you to differentiate your steps on the dance surface; they give players a greater sense of awareness and coordination. In addition, stepping on the groove textures soothe your sore and tired feet. The DDR Tough Non-Slip Dance Platform features a high graded EVA dancing surface that significantly reduces tear upon the dance mat, and its tough dancing surface provides curl resistant so that your dance pad will not curl upwards over extended periods of playing time. Its non-slip bottom is made with a specially designed microfiber material that prevents the platform from moving around on carpet or hardwood floor.

Multi Platform 4 in 1 Connector PS/PS2, Wii, Xbox, and PC
Groove Textured Arrows
Curl Resistant
PS2 dance pad; wii dance pad; tough dance pad; universal dance pad

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