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A necessary accessory to protect your Switch


– It fits into your Switch docking station. This is good for people who use the dock frequently and worry about scratching the Switch every time you pull it out and back in.
– The protective kit has a tempered glass screen protector and 6 rubber covers for the joy con stick. It also includes dust sticker and a cleaning cloth.
– The cover case for Nintendo Switch provides extra durability, protection and comfort. It prevents scratches and dropping. It makes your Nintendo Switch easy to hold.
– It is easy to install and remove. Note: You must remove the case from joy-con to put them in the controller grip.
– The Joy-con cases are separate. The controllers can be easily attached or removed with the protectors on.
– There are two pieces for each side. One face plate and a curved piece that covers the rest of the joy-con.
– It has precise cutouts so all the ports are open. You still have access to the little buttons to detach the Joy-con with the case on.
– You can put your sticker on the Switch and the clear case can show off your Switch design.
– This hard plastic shell will not get yellow so it will keep clear all the time. It fits perfectly in a standard carrying case.

How to install the Screen Protector?
1.Clean the screen with the wet wipe.
2.Then use the dry wipe to remove dust.
3.Peel off the tab to expose the adhesive.
4.Position the protector on the Switch.
5.Use the card to remove bubbles.
6.Finally remove the second protective film.
Note: You just have to be careful in how you install it so that no lingering dust particles ruin your gaming experience!

Package Includes:
1 X Nintendo Switch console back case
2 x face plate for Joy-con
2 x back cover for Joy-con
1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector with installation kit
6 x Joystick thumb covers

Fit into Switch Dock with the Case – You do not need to remove the case when your Switch is in the dock. It is very convenient for you to use the dock frequently. The game console still charges in the cradle with the case on.
Protective Accessories for Nintendo Switch – Durable Nintendo switch case and screen protector protect your Switch from scratches, smudges, marks and dropping. We offer front cover and bottom protection for Joy-cons. It gives a comfortable secure grip to the switch.
Easy to install and Remove – It is easy to assemble. Simply put your joy-cons pop in and out quickly. Joystick thumb covers increase accuracy by adding extra height and radius. You will feel more comfortable with them while playing. It keeps your fingers from slipping.
Precise Cutouts – It does not interfere with the playability of the system. All ports are available and not blocked by the case. You can access to release button. After install case for joy-con, the button still very responsive.
Note – Since our joy con protective cases have ergonomic humps at the top and bottom, you cannot put the controllers in the Joy-Con grip with the case on them. You need to remove the case. However, it makes it easier to hold when disconnected from the Switch.

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