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Easyget 2 Player Zero Delay Generic Game Controller USB to Joystick for MAME & Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 RetroPie DIY Projects


Product Description


Easyget 2 Player Zero Delay Generic Game Controller USB to Joystick for MAME & Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 RetroPie DIY Projects

This set of encoder required to use 4.8mm/0.188 inch terminal Joystick and 4.8mm/0.188 inch terminal push buttons.

Suzo HAPP Joysticks / Push Buttons and similar type Joysticks, Push Buttons can fit for this set perfectly.

SANWA Joystick and SANWA Button can’t fit for this item.

The Zero delay USB Pc Encoder is the most cost effective encoder option.

Use this encoder set you can easily DIY your own arcade game machine.

You just need simply connect your arcade controls into the encoder board with the included wires, And then plug the encoder into your computer USB Port.And then just enjoy your arcade Games with your PC / Raspberry Pi

It can support all the windows system including windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8 ect.

The Encoder can support not only PC but also Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 with RetroPie, But also a great encoder for making a fight stick.

It is also a very compact encoder. The size for the encoder board just 8.5 cm X 3.5 cm X 1 cm.

We are the factory for this item.Welcome wholesale for the Large Quantity!


We are updating the Encoder Board

We are updating the Encoder Board into a new version type to improve product quality.

New version and Old version encoder will shipped randomly.

All the functions of the encoders are the same. Both Old Version and New Version Encoders are Zero Delay Encoders.

We will cover all the old version encoders by new version encoders step by step.

We can’t specify the version for an order. All the goods will shipped by Amazon randomly.

High Quality Build Encoder & Supper Easy to Install


HAPP Type Joysticks

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit

HAPP Type Push Buttons

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit

SANWA Type Joysticks

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit

SANWA Type Push Buttons

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit


1-Palyer DIY

2-Player DIY

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit

Can’t Fit




Brief installation instructions

Each Small Wire Harness bundle inlucing 4x 2Pin wire for Joystick.

Each Large Wire Harness bundle inlucing 10x 2Pin wire for Push Buttons.

Read the User Manual Before you start your program.

Separate the directions on the encoder for your joysticks

If you want to build a Multiplayer Game Console, Just need add the quantity when you make the purchase.

Encoder Feature:

100% Zero Delay Game Control Board.High performance COMS technology.The Joystick IC supports multiple game equipment form.And in two kinds of equipment .Digital mode, Analog mode can arbitrary switching.Support TURBO, AUTO, MODE & CLEAR Functions with LED twinkle.

What’s inside the package?

2x Zero Delay USB Encoder

2x USB Cable

2x Small Wire Harness bundle for joystick

2x Large Wire Harness bundle for push button

1x User Manual

Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder For Your Pc Game DIY!
2 Player Generic Game Controller support PC & Raspberry Pi 1/2/3
Use this Encoder you can build your own Arcade Game Machine!
100% Zero Delay USB Encoder to Arcade Joystick! High Quality!
Support All Joystick and Push Button types which with 4.8mm Terminal!

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