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ECHTPower Wireless Controller for


Product Description

Support System







6 Axis Gyro

Play Time

Up to 20 Hours

Up to 20 Hours

Up to 20 Hours

Up to 15 Hours

Screenshot Function

Vibration Feedback

Main features

4 Programmable Buttons

Three ways to play

Classic & Ergonomic

Classic & Ergonomic

Designed for Playstation5

Play Games with Your Friends!

Programming Buttons to Make the Game More Interesting


Use in Combination

Use Separately

Slide into the Console to Use

ECHTPower wireless controller is designed for Nintendo Switch/Lite as an alternative controller to the Joy-Con controller! ECHTPower has been in the game controller industry for many years and is committed to providing you with a better gaming experience!

How to connect to Nintendo Switch/lite?

A: Slide the controller to the switch console, the switch controller will automatically connect to the consoleB: 1. The controller must be powered on. When the system is in sleep mode, the controller cannot be paired.2. Open the Switch Console and find the page “Controller”→”Change Grip/order”3. Press the pairing buttons on the 2 handles for more than 2s to connect. At this time, the 4 LEDs are flashing. After the connection is successful, the indicator of the player is always on. Press the L+R keys to use it.


1. No infrared camera;2. Does not support NFC function;3. Does not support Amiibo and Ring-Con;4. After completing the pairing for the first time, you only need to turn on the game console and press the HOME button for more than 1 second to connect;5. During pairing, you can’t touch the joystick. After pairing is complete, please wait 5 seconds before using the controller.6. Does not support HD vibration function, the vibration experience is different in some games


Weight: 68±5g (1 pc)Size: 10.5*4.8*4.8 cm(1 pc)Material: ABSBattery: 300mAh battery * 2Charging time: 2 hoursCharging mode: USB DC 4.5~5.5VConnection method: Bluetooth connectionEffective distance: 10M

Package including:

2 x wireless controller for switch1 x frame1 x USB charging cable1 x user manual

🎮【Play Games with Friends】ECHTPower controller for Joycon supports a variety of usage methods and is compatible with Nintendo Switch / Lite. Each controller has a complete set of buttons that can be used as an independent switch controller, and you can also install them on the frame. ECHTPower controller allows you to play Nintendo games with your friends at the same time and enjoy the fun of multiplayer battles.
🎮【Support Custom Macro Function】This controller for Nintendo supports setting the macro function. You can combine the functions of the A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR buttons into one button (M) according to your needs. When playing action games, you can use the M button to fight quickly and easily enjoy the fun of victory. ECHTPower controller for Nintendo provides you with simple and easy-to-operate self-programming functions.
🎮【Easily Control the Battle Rhythm】This wireless game controller can support Turbo buttons, you can set the Turbo function of A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR buttons. The controller for joycons has the 6-axis gyroscope somatosensory and motion control functions, which can precisely control the position, speed and movement. Each controller can be operated individually to provide you with a real and exciting gaming experience!
🎮【Plug and Play】ECHTPower controller is easy to connect, it can get a stable signal through wireless/wired connection, and automatically reconnect. Slide the controller to the switch console, the switch controller for Nintendo will automatically connect to the console, plug and play. Note: During pairing, you can’t touch the joystick. After pairing is complete, please wait 5 seconds before using the controller.
🎮【Up to 20 Hours of Battery Life】The replacement controller for Switch Joycons contains 2 pcs 300mAh rechargeable batteries. The controller for switch joy con has a single charging time of 2-3 hours, can support 8-10 hours of continuous use. The controller for switch joy con can be used for up to 20 hours. Please read the user guide carefully before performing any operation.

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