Sat. Feb 27th, 2021


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I just had the most insane gaming experience of my life after plugging in a 360 controller into my Android : xbox

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After reading on the Internet that a USB-connected Xbox 360 controller would work just fine with Game Pass cloud gaming on Android, I connected my phone to a monitor with USB-C and put the controller into a USB-A jack in the monitor. At first, everything seemed to work fine so I went to the Master Chief’s Collection for the first time and jumped into a multiplayer game.

And then I started spinning. Faster and faster, until I feared the game would break.

I soon realized that I could limit the spinning if I gently squeezed the triggers, but if I pushed them too hard I would spin the other way instead (down and left instead of right and up). Basically, my phone thinks that the triggers on the controller are the thumbsticks.

As a result, I was unable to shoot or use grenades, and I was dancing like a maniac. The opposing team got around 30 free kills from me.

Now, I’ve tried everything to fix this. Change button layout, unplug and replug the controller when the game is already booted, play other games… with no success. I am doomed to be a tornado whenever I try to use my game pass.

Hopefully, I can get some fun YouTube videos out of it at least.

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