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Locking Carrying Case for Nintendo

Product Description

We have upgraded our case on 2021/10/05 !

Case comparisonCase comparison

We will resend you a free latest version if you receive the old version case after 2021/10/05.

Please contact the seller if you receive the old version case.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite / Nintendo Switch OLED

switch case lockingswitch case locking

The Best Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite / Switch OLED Accessory

switch caseswitch case

Why do you need to choose our items?

The Magictodoor messenger bag is the perfect solution when you need to travel with your Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite / Switch OLED and accessories. Whether you’re going on holiday or staying at a friend’s house, this big hardshell case will be able to hold it all. There’s room for your game cartridges, console, and charging dock.

it’s a must have investment if you travel a lot and want to keep your Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite / Switch OLED safe.You certainly won’t lose your game console or your games when they’re locked safely inside the Magictodoor case.

Traveling with 3 Controllers

Traveling with Nintendo Switch ControllersTraveling with Nintendo Switch Controllers

Compatible with Nintendo Switch Pro controllers and most 3rd party controllers!


Up to 3 controllers.


Form-fitting lining to completely separate controller and other accessories to prevent damage

tsa locktsa lock

The Benefits of Combination Locks – Making Travel Easier

“When I gave this hardshell Nintendo Switch case to my 18yr old he was so happy! And his little brother (4) was so mad! THIS IS the perfect item to keep little fingers from taking your Nintendo Switch! It did the job! Best part is the lock can only be opened by a code! As a mom I was over joyed by this! Thank you again. Fast shipping and awesome product for basic security and safety.”

Simply put, the biggest benefit of a combination lock is that they allow you to secure your case, and the Nintendo Switch that is stored within, so that you can enjoy your holiday and protect your Nintendo Switch and other accessories when your luggage is out of your hands. In other words, the benefits of combination locks are similar to the advantages of any other padlock – they keep your luggage secure.



combination lock case for switch

combination lock case for switch

locking case for switch

locking case for switch

Keep your switch safe

nearly 14,000 travelers each year report items missing from their luggage, but these figures do not account for the true total of thefts because the process of reporting these crimes is cumbersome and time-consuming and many travelers discover the theft much later in their trip.

Locking your case will help prevent theft!

How to set/reset a code?

Align all the numbers to 0 which is the factory setting.Press the button and enter your 3 chosen digits.Once the new combination is in position,release the button.

What to do if you’ve forgotten the combination?

Go through every combination until you unlock it.

Start at 001,then 002,003… and so on until it unlocks.

Have a Nintendo Switch and want to make sure other don’t take the Switch without permission, Or are you running a game tournament and want to make sure no one steals the console than this Switch safe is for you! Protect your Nintendo switch with top quality 3-digit combination lock
Fit complete Nintendo Switch system(switch console, dock, power adapter, joy-con grip , joy-con straps, and HDMI cable) and 2 extra Switch Pro controller, hold 18 game cards and other little accessories.
Protect Nintendo switch with a light-weight, crush-resistant, anti-shock and weather-resistant case.Prevent damage with a closed-cell foam, contoured design specifically for nintendo switch and included accessories.Secure enclosure with a durable, precision steel-rimmed zipper.
Lots of padding in the case to prevent your Switch set from moving, protect them in good condition.The mesh pouch enlarges room for storing HDMI cable and other accessories, keep them organized and safe.
Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED version 2021

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