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MasterSabers – CNC’d Aluminum Saber Handles Hilts for Beat Saber – Rift S, Quest 1,and Quest 2

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Price: $49.99
(as of Jan 14,2021 16:14:30 UTC – Details)

MasterSabers are CNC’d aluminum Beat Saber handles. They are designed to have a premium feel, shiny aesthetic, and optimal weight. They feature connecting strips which allow you to quickly add or remove your oculus controllers into them. They each have a DeadEyeVR wrist strap on the bottom to ensure you can hold them firmly during intense gaming sessions. They were designed to be long enough for you to use them with two hands for single saber gameplay. Controller cups model created by koringer of Released under the Creative Commons license

Aluminum Saber Handles: For a premium experience, the MasterSabers’ handles are milled out aluminum
Lightweight: MasterSabers were designed to be lightweight so, even though they are made of metal, they do not compromise gameplay
Quick Release Controller Cups: Using a simple cinch strap system, you can quickly attach or detach your controllers
DeadEyeVR Wrist Straps: MasterSabers have red and blue DeadEyeVR wrist straps to ensure they will not slip out of your hands in game
Multiple VR Platforms: MasterSabers are compatible with the Rift S, Quest 1, and Quest 2

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