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Movement Memory Game for Toddlers &

AFRICAN ANIMALS MATCHING CARD GAME FOR KIDS This is not your traditional matching game. Our memory game has a fun and unexpected twist that will get your child up and moving. Each card features an animal and a movement to do associated with that animal. See your child laugh and have a great time as they get up to beat their chest after matching the gorilla card or see them practice the balance and stillness of a flamingo. While it is a great way to keep them engaged with other kids, sooner or later your inner child will want to come out and join in on the fun too. Playing memory games is extremely beneficial for growing children. It helps enrich your child’s visual and word recognition as well as nurture memory, focus, concentration, and attention to detail. Exercising the memory muscles isn’t just great for kids but important for adults and seniors as well to keep the mind active and sharp. There are 28 different sets of non-toxic cards each with a delightfully illustrated safari animal for your child to meet and learn about. These cards are made of high quality, durable cardboard that can withstand all the throwing and grabbing they might endure. They are easy to hold so all ages from toddler to adult can comfortable hold and play with them for a long time. Teachers and parents will love having this memory card game in their educational arsenal. Keep kids engaged because of the movement feature, so they won’t get bored easily like often happens with other match games. Great memory card game for toddlers, and an excellent memory card game for kids of all ages. Search: kids exercise, match card game for toddlers, Animal memory match game, Animal Matching Games, Memory games for kids 5 and up, kids memory games, matching games for 5 year olds, memory game for kids, matching cards game, animal matching game, matching memory games for kids, memory game matching, matching pairs, memory games for kids 2 and up, memory game toddler
Kids Match Game Gives Your Child the Gift of Focus and Fun – This memory matching game is a great way to improve kids’ memory skills, attention to detail, and spatial memory while they have fun.
Get the Mind and Body Active with Animal Match Cards that Encourage Movement – Many memory games engage the mind but not body. Our toddler matching game encourages little ones to get up and act out each card.
People of All Ages will Love Matching these 28 Pairs of African Animals – What’s great about memory games for kids 3 and up is that they’re not just fun for toddlers but kids, teens, and adults too.
Encourage Literacy and Social Skills with this Matching Game for Kids – See them get along with other children as they learn new words such as “leap” “dig” and “climb” and many more exciting words.
Lots of Fun Safari Animals for Your Child to Meet and Learn About – The durable cards in this memory card game for kids are easy to hold and feature many exciting animals to learn about.

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