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Myst 3: Exile – PC/Mac

Building on the surreal style of Myst and Riven Myst III: Exile features newfantastic environments that made its’ predecessors immersive mysterious andbeautiful. Exile features five entirely new ages for players to explore andhours of new mysteries to uncover. Myst 3 Exile has new panoramic navigationtechnology to bring the world alive without losing any of the artistic beauty orinteractivity of previous Myst games.Developed by Presto Studios Myst III: Exile features five entirely new agesfor players to explore and hours of new mysteries to uncover. Myst III: Exileuses new navigation technology to bring the world alive without losing any ofthe artistic beauty or interactivity of the previous Myst games. Fans will findmore of what they love about Myst and Riven and a few surprises. By drawing onthe history of the series and new technology Myst III: Exile is a trueevolution of the series not just a continuation.Myst III: Exile introduces a new villain a bitter man whose home world wasruined by Sirrus and Achenar and returns to take revenge against Atrus and hisfamily at their most vulnerable time. Trapped in a mysterious age you mustexplore the environment and navigate the puzzles of the age to gradually uncoverthe mystery of this new adversary.Product Features Free-look movement system allows players to pan a full 360 degrees at any location fully immersing them in the world. Five entirely new ages to explore each with their own distinctive visual style. Dramatic storyline extends the Myst mythology by focusing on a pivotal new character. Puzzles gradually reveal mystery and intrigue as they are solved. Original soundtrack. Supports optional 3D hardwareSystem RequirementsMyst 3 Exile is a Hybrid Mac/PC CD-ROMWindows 95/98/Me or MAC OS 8.0; Pentium 300 MHz or PowerPC 200 MHz; SVGAGraphics Card; 150 MB; 4X or Faster; 32 MB

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