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Nuilhpn PS3 Controller,PS3 Controller

 [ How to sync ]
1. When using it for thefirst time, connect the controller to the PS3 console via a micro USB cable.
2. Press the “Home”button and unplug the cable, then use the wireless connection mode.
3. If it still cannot be used, please restart or charge.
4. If the above methods fail,insert the needle into the small hole on the back of the controller, and then press the button to reset it.
[ How to charge ]
1. Connect the console to ps3 controller via USB cable.
2.The red light on the ps3 controller will flicker when charging, and the red light will go out when fully charged.
[ How to turn on/off ]
When you press the home button or connect to the console via a USB cable, the PS3 controller will start. It will shut down after 5 minutes of disconnection.
2.[Super performance]-The upgraded ps3 wireless controller joystick has 360-degree ultra-high-precision positioning and works great for retropie,built-in dual brand-new vibration motors to make each impact more realistic, and 6-axis motion induction makes each action more accurate,Especially suitable for racing,sports and action games etc.The game controller is smooth, even children can operate it well.
3.[Wireless Bluetooth controller] -High-performance Bluetooth transmission technology can achieve an effective wireless distance of 33ft without any delay, no data loss or signal interference.
4.[Rechargeable battery]- The double vibration and shock controller has a built-in 450 mAh rechargeable battery, which can run continuously for 8 hours after being fully charged (note: 10 minutes of automatic sleep mode can save power).
[Customer Service];The PS3 controller supports returns within 30 days. If you have any questions about the PS3 Remote controller, please contact us in time, and the industry after-sales service team will serve you.

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