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OKHAHA Wireless Controllers for

【Elaborate Third-Party Product】You can get a third-party controller for PlayStation 3 at a low cost, but never get one with low quality. Yes, you get all the functions and the appearance. But how long will it work well? Lags and dead zones make you play like a noob? Get these 2 durable and elaborate third-party controllers wireless black for PS3 games and be a real player.
【Aim Accurately with Good Analog Sticks】Hard to aim accurately? Characters move with jerks and hesitations? The analog sticks are critical for precise motion control. The OKHAHA wireless controller for PS3 has advanced analog sticks without dead zones and ensures smooth movement and accurate orientation.
【Doube Shock and Six-Axis】How can a wireless controller for PS3 be perfect without the double shock and somatosensory? Dual motors are built in the remote. Feel the vibration feedback right in your palms for each crash. The 6-axis motion sensor detects your natural movements in real-time. The controller wireless for PS3 acts as a natural extension of your body, and your natural tilt, thrust, and pull become part of the game.
【10,000,000+ Repeat Keystrokes Tested】Buttons stuck or disordered after longtime use? Killed by zombies before your buttons react? Try the OKHAHA wireless controller for PlayStation 3 with durable and sensitive buttons, tested by 10,000,000+ repeated keystrokes. Precision connection of internal parts and durable material of every small component of the wireless remote ensure you satisfactory performances.
【Stable Wireless Connection】Lose connection when you are about to win? That’s really annoying. There’s a stable and strong Bluetooth solution for you, with a maximum distance of 33 feet. No matter how good they say, keeping connected is most important. Here are the right wireless controllers for you.

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