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Patent Describes Potential PS5 Feature for Leaving In-Game Notes

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Folks over at Scrub Wiki have discovered a recently-filed Sony Interactive Entertainment patent, which describes a feature that allows players to leave in-game text and audio clips for other players.

The idea behind the feature is to take community participation to a new level, encouraging players to communicate with each other and offer tips. An illustration included in the September 2020 United States Patent and Trademark Office filing shows a screenshot of Killzone with helpful tips left behind by players.

ps5 feature

A description is as follows:

A system for providing only contextually relevant user-generated game play advice for a location within a dynamic game, the system comprising: a processor; and a memory communicatively coupled with the processor, the memory storing instructions which when executed by the processor perform a method, the method comprising: receiving the game play advice over a network from a user; assigning the game play advice to a location within the game space; identifying a first scenario generated by the dynamic game that corresponds to the game play advice for a first location, and assigning the game play advice to the first location specifically for the first scenario generated by the dynamic game within the game space; during subsequent game play, determining: the subsequent game play’s location within the game space; the subsequent game play’s scenario at the subsequent game play’s location; and in response to the subsequent game play being at the first location within the game space, automatically displaying at the first location any of the game play advice.

What do our readers think of this?

[Source: USPTO via Scrub Wiki]

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