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Playstation 2 (PS2) to HDMI Converter,


This converter is a must have if you want to keep using your older devices with your new smart modern HD TV/ HDMI monitor. It can Provide You a Fantastic Home Theater Experience. 

Support HDMI 480i/576i/480p output. 
No need to install drivers, portable and flexible, plug and play. 
Provide advanced signal processing with great precision, colors, resolutions and details. restore original game screen.
  Support NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43 standard TV formats input.
  The PS2 to HDMI converter utilises YPBPR Component outputs, To ensure you get the best picture quality possible.

PS3 to HDMI Connection:
If the PS3 HDMI port is not available, you can use this converter to connect
It is necessary to set the output mode of PS3. Press and hold the power button to the “di” sound.

How to set PS2 Y Pb Pr Y Cb Cr signal output

【Display device with HDMI & CVBS interface】
With PS2 to CVBS cable—refer setting guideline 1
Without PS2 to CVBS cable—refer setting guideline 2
【 Display device only with HDMI interface】
With PS2 to CVBS cable and display device with CVBS interface—refer setting procedure 1
Without CVBS interface device—refer setting procedure 2
Setting guideline 1
Connect PS2 to display device using PS2 to CVBS cable—set Y Pb Pr Y Cb Cr output in the game page—System Configuration → Component Video Out → Y CB/Pb Cr/Pr

Setting guideline 2
Blind operation using PS2 controller—Boot PS2 and waiting for 20 seconds to use controller—push↓button—push ○button—push 3 time↓button— push○button—push←button—push→button—push○button ***○ is Enter button

How to Connect After Setting

Connect PS2 to our adapter, and plug USB cable to offer power
Connect HDMI cable to our adapter and display device
Adjust display deviceinput signal to “HDMI”

Must set PS2 to Y Pb Pr Y Cb Cr output before using, or you will see out of range. It Supports All PS2/PS3 Display Modes 480i, 576i, 480p.
Provide the best upscaled signal processing with great precision, colors, resolution.
No need to install drivers, Convert PlayStation 2/3 signal to HDMI signal.
Compatible with PlayStation 2/3 only.
24 Months Support, Repair or Replacement Warranty.


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