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Plunder A Pirate’s Life – Strategy

Product Description

Plunder TitlePlunder Title

plunder coverplunder cover

The Quintessential Pirate Board Game

Adventure and riches await any swashbuckler brave enough to seize the helm and command a fleet. Wage war against rival captains. Build and upgrade your ships with masts and cannons to increase speed and firepower. Conquer islands and exploit the land to gain valuable resources. Navigate dangerous waters and avoid the ever-wandering storm. Are you ruthless enough to prevail? Do you seek gold and infamy? If ruling the seas is your ambition, it’s time to unleash your inner pirate. It’s time to plunder!

Plunder: A Pirate’s Life is a competitive strategy-based board game played on a modular ocean map. There’s plenty of player interaction, high replay value, and lots of pirate speak.

Quick Glance:

2 to 6 Players

Individual & Team Play

High Replay Value

Fun for the Whole Family

Cannon Peg

Cannon Peg

Sink Ships

Sink Ships

hunt treasure

hunt treasure



Buy Cannons!

Arm your ships for battle. You can also add masts to take better advantage of the wind.

Sink Your Rivals!

These seas are only big enough for one pirate king. Send your enemies to the briny depths.

X Marks the Spot!

Reach the buried treasure before your foes. There’s no telling what treasures you’ll find.

Conquer Islands!

Plant your flag and reap the rewards. Gold for spending, Iron for cannons, wood for extra ships, rum to keep your crew happy.

map  configmap  config

Never Play the Same Board Twice!

Double-sided board tiles allow for a unique map configuration each time you play.


A Pirate Adventure Game for the Whole Family
Build Ships, Wage Battle, Find Treasure, Conquer Islands
Easy to Learn, 2 to 6 Players, Team Play Option
A Game Night Crowd Pleaser
Unleash Your Inner Pirate!

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