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Proof! Math Game – The Fast Paced Game of

Product Description

Proof! Math Game


The Fast Paced Game of Mental Math Magic!

Proof! is an award-winning, fast, fun, and addicting math game that the whole family can enjoy! Work that mental math magic as you race to find creative equations hidden among nine number cards. Keep what you find and collect the most cards to win!

How to Play Proof!

How to Play Proof! 1

How to Play Proof! 1

How to Play Proof! 2

How to Play Proof! 2

How to play Proof! 3

How to play Proof! 3

How to play Proof! 4

How to play Proof! 4


Quick! Find an equation among the nine number cards on the table.


Once you’ve got one, shout the result before anyone else!


Tell everyone the proof! If your math adds up, keep the cards you used.


Deal more and keep going! When the deck runs out, the player with the most cards wins!

What’s in the Box

Proof! Math Game What Comes in the BoxProof! Math Game What Comes in the Box

Each Box of Proof! Math Game Includes:

100 number cards chosen for optimal fun!For a better mental math experience, there are more of the easier-to-use lower numbers, such as 0 – 10. We’ve also removed some of the more difficult-to-use larger numbers, like 85. And, we’ve left out many tricky prime numbers, like 97.Instructions with game play options, including solo play and modifications for kids of all ages and levels!Play with numbers up to only 20, 30, or 50 (you get the idea).Play with 12 cards on the table rather than 9.Play without multiplication, division, or square roots as needed.

Teachers Choice Award Math GameTeachers Choice Award Math Game

Award-Winning, Teacher Approved!

We are honored to have received a Teachers’ Choice Award! Selected by a panel of teacher evaluators who test various educational items, winners are products of “exceptional quality and outstanding performance in the classroom and at home!”

FAST-PACED, FUN MATH GAME loved by teachers, families, kids, and grown-ups alike. Enjoy at your next family game night or as a classroom or homeschool learning game.
TEACHER’S CHOICE GOLD AWARD WINNER. Educational games are evaluated by a panel of teachers and selected for “exceptional quality and outstanding performance in the classroom and at home!”
IMPROVE MENTAL MATH SKILLS. Practice multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and square roots. Great brain game training for kids and adults!
INCLUDES 100 NUMBER CARDS chosen for optimal fun, with more easy-to-use lower numbers. Some larger numbers and prime numbers are excluded.
PERFECT FOR 2 – 6 PLAYERS, AGES 9 – 109. Adaptable rules for younger players and solo play, too. Takes just 15 minutes to play. So much fun, kids will want to play again and again! Made in Michigan.

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