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PS3 Wireless Controller, PS3


Product Description

PS3 Wireless Controller 2-Pack (Blue/Red)PS3 Wireless Controller 2-Pack (Blue/Red)

platstation 3 controller 2-packplatstation 3 controller 2-pack

Perfect for Playstation 3: PS3 controller with upgraded joysticks, 360-degree positioning with ultra-accuracy, perfect for all PS3 games. 2 pack.Double Shock: Feel every hit, crash, and explosion with hand-vibrating double shock 3. 6-Axis Motion: Providing the most intuitive gameplay experience with pressure sensors in each action button and the inclusion of the highly sensive 6-Axis motion sensing technology. No matter where you play: High-performance Bluetooth wireless controller with further range. You won’t suffer from data loss or signal interference. This PS3 controller has built-in rechargeable battery. Power saving, long battery life with auto-sleep mode after 10 min of no play.

platstation 3 controllerplatstation 3 controller

About Charging:

Connect the controller to your PS-3 console through the configured charging cable;Takes 3-5 hours to fully charged; Note: As long as it is connected to the power source, the indicator light will flash and will stop when it is fully charged. Connect the controller and the console, the display will display the power of the controller.

PS3 ControllerPS3 Controller

About Pair:

You turn on the console and connect the controller using a USB cable and press the PS button, the pairing will be completed automatically.You can unplug USB cable from the PS3 console, you can enjoy the game with the controller through Bluetooth technology.

PS3 ControllerPS3 Controller

About Stopping Work:

Fully charge it, then connect to the console; if it doesn’t work, insert the needle into the small hole on the back of the controller to reset.


About Turn Off:

1. Keep the controller connected to the console, press and hold the PS button, and select to disconnect from the console. 2. Shut down the PS console and the controller will shut down automatically after 10 minutes.

【High Quality PS3 Controllers】Good compatible with playstation 3/pro/slim. High quality and great substitute for PS3 controller sony by the third party.The best gifts for children at Christmas or Thanksgiving. It can also be used as a PS3 wired controller with USB charger.
【Double Shock】Wireless PS3 controller have two electronic motors make each hit, crash and explosion more exciting and realistic when the player feels the rumble right in the palm of their hand. And supporting 6-axis motion sensing controls, characters in the game will move and react as you tilt, push and shake the controller.d explosion more exciting and realistic when the player feels the rumble right in the palm of their hand. Pressure sensors provide the most intuitive game experience.
【Wireless Bluetooth Connection】Wireless Bluetooth transmission technology of PS3 wireless controller is adopted to ensure that you won’t suffer from data loss or signal interference, and the distance between ps3 controller cable and control ps3 is not limited, so that you can play more freely.
【 Rechargeable Battery 】Built-in 300 mAh rechargeable battery, takes about 2 hours to charge and supplies 4-7 hours to play. 10 mins auto sleep mode for saving power, prolong the battery lifespan. You can have a fun game at the same time of charging with thE PS3 controller charger.
【Ergonomic Design】The most classic controllers of Play Station 3 Controller fit perfectly into the palm of your hand with highly sensitive and accurate buttons to keep your hand comfortable during playing games for a long time. A must-have accessory for PS3 gamers!

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