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Replacement for Samsung TV Video AV

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Note: Not applicable for Sony/TLC and Wii.
Package Includes:
1 x AV Cable adapter.
Cable length: 5.1 inch.

Suitable for all kinds of Samsung TV models.

兼容型号:BN39-01154H,UN40C6900VM, UN40C7000WF, UN40D6000SF, UN40D6000SG, UN40D6000SH, UN40D6000SM,

UN40D6000SR,UN60D6000SF, UN60D6400UF, UN60D6420UF, UN60D6450UF, UN60D6500VF, UN60D7000VF,

UN60D7050VF,UN40D6000SRXAA, UN40D6050TF, UN40D6300SF, UN40D6400UF, UN40D6400UG, UN40D6420UF,

UN40D6450UF,UN65ES8000F, UN65ES8000FXZA, UN65F8000BF, UN65F9000AF, UN65H8000AF, UN65H8000AFXZA,

UN65HU9000F,UN60F7500AF, UN60F7500AFXZA, UN60F8000BF, UN60JU7100F, UN60JU7100FXZA, UN65C8000XF,

UN65D8000XF,UN46C7100WF, UN46C8000XF, UN46C9000ZF, UN46C9000ZV, UN46C9000ZVXZA, UN46D6000SF,

UN46D6000SG,UN46D6000SH, UN46D6000SR, UN46D6000SRXAA, UN46D6050TF, UN46D6300SF, UN46D6400UF,

UN46D6420UF,UN75JU7100FXZA, UN78HU9000F, UN78HU9000FXZA, UN78JU7500F, UN78JU7500FXZA, UN85S9AF,


UN75F8000AF, UN75F8000AFXZA, UN75JU7100F,UN65JU750DF, UN65JU750DFXZA, UN75ES9000F, UN75ES9000FXZA,

UN75F8000AF, UN75F8000AFXZA, UN75JU7100F,UN60D8000YF, UN60ES7500F, UN60ES7500FXZA, UN60ES8000F, UN60ES8000FXZA,

UN60F7450AF, UN60F7450AFXZA, UN46F8000BF, UN46F8000BFXZA, UN48H8000AF, UN48H8000AFXZA,

UN48JS8500F, UN48JS8500FXZA, UN48JU7500F,UN55C9000ZF, UN55D6000SF, UN55D6000SH, UN55D6050TF, UN55D6300SF,

UN55D6400UF, UN55D6400UR,UN40C6900VM, UN40C7000WF, UN40D6000SF,

UN40D6000SG, UN40D6000SH, UN40D6000SM, UN40D6000SR.

The latest version of Audio Video cable has better workmanship and performance in the market. This AV cable is professionally used for Samsung TV. (Note: Not applicable to LG OLED B65 and tcl roku tv)
Compatible – Video AV Adapter Cable fits For various Samsung TV, High quality connectors provide superior stereo audio transmission and video transmission
Environmental-friendly PVC Materials of cable, more soft, flexible bend, can use for a long time.High quality pure copper wire core with ultra-high speed data transmission. Connectors provide superior stereo audio transmission and video transmission.
Don’t want to wait to show your home movies to your family? This high-quality stereo 3.5mm mini AV male to 3 RCA female adapter Plug and Play easy to use video display. Plays high quality audio such as music or movie sound effects.
You will get 1 x AV adapter cables. Convenient and cost-effective RCA video audio adapters cable provide spare.

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