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Steering Wheel for XBOX one, Steering

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Large Size Racing Wheel

Designed with a 10-inch large size steering wheel for operating conveniently.

270° Steering Realistic Turns

The stylish steering wheel comes with 270-degree lock-to-lock rotation, you can turn the wheel two and half times, which is the same as a race car wheel.

Sensitivity adjustment (SEN key)

The steering has a total of 7-Level Sensitivity settings, gives you a better gaming experience

PS Mode Switch Key

This gaming steering wheel comes with the PS mode switch key for quickly switching between different function keys.









Secure Integrated Clamps

The racing steering wheel comes with a secure integrated clamp that can be attached on the desk or table easily. You can also put the racing wheel on your knees.

Modern Classic Gear Lever

The gaming steering wheel comes with a gear lever that can be shifted manually as your need for a realistic driving experience.

Contoured Grip

The racing driving games wheel grip is the same as the real wheel, providing your a lifelike and comfortable feel for enjoying the joy of the game.

Big size Adjustable Floor Pedal

Big size rubber feet and a retractable carpet grip system can keep your pedals right where you put them. You can adjust the angle of inclination according to your needs.


DOYO 270 degrees Racing Wheel is specially designed for PC / Xbox Series S X / Xbox One / PS5/ PS4 / PS3 / Nintendo Switch systems. Buckle up for the ride of your life with this gaming steering wheel and peddles. Whether you fire up your favorite racing title on an Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One / PS4 / Nintendo Switch, PS3 console, or PC. You’ll enjoy an authentic driving experience as you zoom around the track, especially since it has a built-in vibration function to deliver realistic feedback from every impact. Plus, the combination of a 270° lock-to-lock rotation and easy access to all the controls make it super-comfortable to use so you can focus on topping the podium.

A unique accessory for PC / Xbox Series S X / Xbox One /PS5 / PS4 / PS3 / Nintendo Switch systems with forward and reverse gear shifter and pedal unit with 2 pedals.270° steering with double vibration motors, sensitivity adjustment, and programming the buttonsFull-size racing wheel and pedals optimized for authentic racing simulationSensitivity adjustment.Fully programmable buttons.It can be attached to a desk thanks to the fixed clamps, or be positioned on the knees thanks to its curved base.Not for Apple Desktop/Laptop

270 degree PC steering wheel motion with vibration for immersive racing action, sensitivity adjustment and button programming, freely adjustable to meet the need of the racing game and experience the real racing pleasure
The steering wheel for PS3 is equipped with Pedals ( Gas and Brake ) for realistic driving action. The gaming steering wheel,Forward and back gear shift for immersive physical movement
XBOX one steering wheel, perfect fit for the Racing Rig and Circuit, but also any flat surface.or be positioned on the knees thanks to its curved base
The PC game racing wheel can be direct0ly connected to the controller and console that is compatible with most games. such as f1 2021 pc NFS Heat The Crew 2 Forza Horizon 2 Forza Motorsport 4 SEGA All-Stars Racing car simulator m5 etc.

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