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TECHTONGDA FR-770 Continuous Sealing

Product Description



TECHTONGDA FR-770 Continuous Sealing Machine


FR series continuous film sealing machine can handle various types of plastics and includes an embosser to print your expiration date, etc, save labor and improve efficiency.

FR-770 VS FR-900:

FR770 is the optimization and upgrading based on 900 models. Both the performance and operating are more advanced than FR900.FR770 use the 90w motor ,but the FR900 use 60w motor.Updated copper heating block and cooling block.FR770 take the chain conveyor belt. About us:

According to the needs of customers, we produce a full range of sealing machines, professional custom unmanned production lines.We put our heart on our products,any question or suggestion is welcomed.

Advantage: Safely and high accurately. Reliable quality. Can make various shapes of plastic film bags. Used for setting of various packing lines without limiting the sealing length. Having the characteristics of high efficiency of continuous sealing.

Why choose it:









Digital display panel

The machine is equipped with intelligent digital display temperature controller temperature adjustment, digital clear conveyor belt speed can be adjusted according to the actual situation, more convenient to use.

Cooling and heating block

Adjust the sealing speed and transmission speed of the conveyor belt, equipped with air cooling heat dissipation, heat dissipation faster and effective protection of the body; 100% pure copper heating block, heating more uniform durable.

Embossing wheel

Equipped with high quality embossing wheel, stable printing, beautiful and solid sealing, clear printing.

Conveyor belt

Equipment adopts thickened wear-resistant conveyor belt, more durable than the conveyor belt on the market, make the service life longer.









Pressure adjusting button

Adjustable printing pressure knob, can be adjusted according to the actual demand respectively printing pressure.

Stainless steel storage table

Pure stainless steel storage platform, durable, metal texture, easy to operate.

conveyor table adjustable

Conveying platform can be adjusted up and down, before and after the parameters can be adjusted according to the actual demand, improve the working efficiency.

Protection design

The power supply is equipped with overcurrent protection, when the power supply exceeds the normal use range, the fuse will automatically fuse to protect the machine


Model FR-770 Printing mode Steel seal Sealing speed 0-30m/Min Sealing width 6-12mm Load 11lb Voltage 110V 60Hz Motor power 80w Sealing thickness 0.02-0.8mm Sealing length infinite Temperature range 0-300℃ Dimensions 31.9*14.6*12.6inch Machine weight 50.7lb


Wide Application

It suits many different film material, such as PP, PE, PV, OPP, PS in medicine, daily necessities, chemicals, electronic units, seeds packaging.


Professional Sealer

Can make various shapes of plastic film bags,suitable for bags with thickness of 0.02mm-0.8mm on both sides.

Come with standard embossing wheel and printing wheel, and other types of wheels can be customized.

FR770 can complete continuous transportation, sealing and embossing at one time. Adopt an electronic constant temperature control system and a stepless speed regulation transmission mechanism, suitable for sealing various film material, such as PP, PE, PV, OPP and PS.
FR770 adopts integrated motor turbine box, PTFE plastic gear, low operating noise, wear resistance and scratch resistance. And the upgraded high-power 90W copper core motor makes it stronger than FR880.
Equipped with digital thermostatic control, emergency stop switch and automatic conveyor sealing, it is the best choice for bag sealing.
The horizontal model is usually used for dry material, while the vertical model is used for liquid sealing. Windly used in medicine and agriculture, Food, Cosmetic, Industrial and other fields of bag sealing.
We put our heart on our products, any question or suggestion is welcomed.

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