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That’s What She Said – The Party Game

Product Description


We all say it. Now lets play it.

that’s what she said, the twisted party game where sidesplitting laughter is the norm. you may, in fact, wet your pants.

this outrageous party in a box has players matching hilarious red setup cards to the funniest white phrase cards. designed for four or more, the game includes 400 white phrase cards and 58 red setup cards.

Over 1 million copies sold!

“This game is as twisted as your mind wants it to be!”

That's What She Said

That's What She Said

That's What She Said game, Adult Game Night, Adult Party Game, Drinking Game

That's What She Said game, Adult Game Night, Adult Party Game, Drinking Game

That's What She Said Bachelorette Party

That's What She Said Bachelorette Party

Ladies’ Night Out

bring that’s what she said to the next girls night and learn all your friend’s secrets.

Game Night

that’s what she said is the perfect game to bring to family game night… but only if you can handle hearing your best friend (or dad) say ridiculously twisted things!!

Bachelorette Parties

brides and bridesmaids! host the ultimate bachelorette party by bringing that’s what she said—it’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch.

You’ll never see your friends the same way again.

designed for four or more players, that’s what she said takes 30-60 minutes to play. unlike other party games, all the cards within the game are designed to work together to maximize the evening’s hilarity and minimize those awkward well-that-wasn’t-funny moments. also, after each round, players can discard one card that doesn’t tickle their pickle (twss) and redraw to keep their hand funny and fresh. the player known to be the most twisted of the bunch is the first judge, and starts the game by reading a red setup card to the group, while the remaining players select the most hilarious card from their hand for consideration. the judge awards the winner the red setup card as a marker, and the first player to collect five setup cards wins.

Our fans are saying:

“A better version of Cards against Humanity”

“We laughed until we cried!”

“Always a hit at any party!”

“This game takes funny to a whole new level!”

That's What She SaidThat's What She Said

Play longer and harder with the expansion packs!

Add 80 new setups and 120 twisted one liners to your base game! that’s what she said expansions will keep the fun going all night long!

Make it a bundle and get the base game with both expansions. Just click on the link below to check it out!

Laugh the entire night

Host a game night that doesn’t suck

Play harder and longer so the fun doesn’t end

An outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next get-together or game night. It’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch!
Great for parties! Fast paced and hilarious on every turn—a perfect twist to Cards Against Humanity.
This game is as twisted as your mind wants it to be. Play with different friends for wildly different outcomes!
458 Cards (400 White Phrase Cards and 58 Red Setup Cards) | 4+ players | 30-60 min | Ages: 17+
Play it pre-funk, post funk… ANY-funk! Take this with you to bachelor or bachelorette parties, ladies night out, holiday parties, college reunions, and 21st birthdays.

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