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The Haymaker | Noise Cancelling Bluetooth

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Welcome to a New Era



DIRAC 3D ultra-high-resolution audio for gaming and playback plus ultra-clear voice processing to improve the communication.



Haymaker is owned by Peak Audio LLC, a company founded by Matt Bremyer. Haymaker focuses on building high-tech and highly functional products that our customers love. We believe in building products that are truly worth the retail value, always constructing from the best components and materials. If it’s Haymaker, you can trust, everything is extremely durable and built to last as long as you own it.



You are able to listen in peace with the true dual-mode active noise canceling feature, blocking out all ambient noises.



What makes our products unique?

Haymaker products are designed with the consumer in mind. They are built to look amazing but also pack serious technology. Haymakers are built to last and designed to bring you the absolute best acoustical experience.

What problem are we solving?

We believe in building products that are truly worth the retail value, always constructing from the best components and materials.

Why do we love what we do?

Matt is like you, he loves having great valued products that perform extremely well in multiple ways. His goal with Haymaker is to provide customers with unparalleled products built out of premium materials and components. Where others may cut corners to make more money, we will not. Our mission is to be the best!!

ACTIVE NOISE CANCELING: Block out surrounding noises for an enhanced listening experience with true dual mode active noise canceling, and easily switch between on/off without content interruption. Whether you’re looking to competitively game, watch movies, use them in an office setting or at the gym, Haymaker Headphones are designed to do it all and to outperform every product on the market.
TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS: Navigating your music and color features has never been easier with touch screen controls. Simple swipes control music on the left or lights on the right. Plus, enjoy eight different color options with RGB LED lights that are built into the headset with display on the headband and speaker frame.
PREMIUM HD SOUND: The Haymaker features DIRAC 3D ultra-high-resolution audio for both playback and gaming, 7.1 surround sound, and optimizes Bluetooth 5.0 and APTX for excellent signal strength and clarity. PC users and gamers can also download DIRAC software for free on our website.
CRYSTAL CLEAR VOICE PROCESSING: Hear the difference with dual noise canceling microphones and crystal clear voice processing that enhance communications for high quality gaming and phone calls.
WE’RE ALWAYS HERE TO HELP: At Haymaker, offering phenomenal customer service is a priority. We pride ourselves on always taking care of our customers. No matter the issue, the Haymaker team is always here to help so that you can get the most out of your headphones. We offer a live chat feature on our website, we respond to every email, and soon we’ll have an app that will offer an additional way to get in touch as well as further customization to your headphones.

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