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Top 6 Video Games of 2021 To Date

What are the best video games of 2021? This is one interesting question as there are so many new games on the market. Some of these games will be Nintendo’s next gen platform games such as Wii u and Zelda; which we already know about.

But what if the next gen gaming platform doesn’t have to be a gaming console; maybe it can be a sci-fi video game or an RTS style game where you have to command your army of robots and fight the battles of the future with futuristic weaponry. Perhaps it will be a new genre like a new version of Command and Conquer or Fall Of Rome. As long as it is an RTS style game it falls into the best video games of 2021 list. Fall Of Rome was the first RTS game to come out of Sega and it was an excellent game.

Which game will be the best games of 2021; that is a big question that can only be answered by the player themselves when they decide which genre they want to play. Once you know which game you want to play it will be easier to decide which genre of game you want to play. But it may come down to which type of game you are more interested in. Which I think is pretty easy as you already decided which genre you want to play in the first place.

1. Outridersoutriders

Outriders is an interactive cooperative action role playing video game developed by People Can Fly, a studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was published by Square Enix’s European branch, and released on April 1, 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game is designed around a futuristic theme where a military faction called the Outriders battle against the merciless foe named the Gorgons.

As one of your protagonist, you can opt to be a marine commando, air scout, ground soldier, or anything in between. There are several multiplayer modes in which you can engage in combat with multiple opponents; the whole game takes place on planetary surfaces that look like outer space, allowing you to view various places from a first-person perspective, although the camera view is often modified by holding down the triggers.

To start with, the game features five customizable multiplayer classes that include Gunner, Assault, Medic, Scout, and Technician. In addition, there are several bonus modes that include the following: “Busy Sunday”, “Training Mode”, ” Arcade Mode” and “Survival Mode”.

The majority of these modes are straightforward enough to play but, like most popular games, there are certain secrets and Easter Eggs hidden within the game that will give you an extra boost if you’re able to find them. For example, the Scout class is particularly good at providing cover fire while the Medic can heal you back up after being healed, although you’ll have to rely on a group of teammates to assist you in doing so.

This co-op action game has many interesting aspects such as a large number of weapons and vehicles that you can use, and the ability to customize your character to any degree. For example, you can change your eye color, go blonde or black, change your voice, or select from hundreds of different body types.

As you progress through the game, you can also purchase more advanced weapons and vehicles to further customize your character. The maps in Outriders are extremely large, which provides for lots of opportunities to get out there and really enjoy the game. You can even find other players to go head to head with to see who has the best platforming skills!

2. Loop Hero

This video game was developed by Russian company Four Quarters is an 2021 future endless RPG developed by Russian company Four Quarters. The game is set in a procedurally generated future world in which the player controls a non-player character by placing random cards in the chosen field instead of directly controlling an avatar. One of the features that really makes the game interesting, and different from other similar games is that it uses an “artistic” system which gives the impression that the card placed is truly a work of art.

When you place a card, a flower or a vehicle appears to be positioned somewhere on the drawing. In some cases, the drawing will rotate around the chosen object and change its direction.

Although the game is still in pre-alpha stage, I managed to grab a demo version of the game for testing purposes. It turns out that the pre-alpha build is very stable and seems to be almost complete, and that there are at least two more versions (one for PC and one for PlayStation 3) currently in development. After playing the demo, I can say that the game has good graphic quality and looks pretty decent.

The cartoon-like visual features are very nice, although they might not be the best suited for a family friendly game, as the overall view is somewhat too close cropped. The controls are responsive and smooth, and the entire experience reminded me a lot of playing a Loop Hero video on YouTube.

If you like your looping entertaining but also want to keep your mind occupied and challenged, then the Loop Heroes is definitely an improvement over solitaire. However, this isn’t a strategy game where your brain gets to work, but a simple endless runner where you dash from one level to the next. That being said, if you want to play the same kind of games over again (as I often do), you’re better off avoiding Loop Heroes and playing something like Solitaire. If you’ve never played Loop Hero, I would encourage you to give it a try. It’s free and it looks pretty fun!

3. Maquette

Maquette video game is an adventure puzzle-adventure video game designed by Graceful Decay and released by Annapurna Interactive Limited. The game takes place within a massively regenerative world in which each action on a flat table is replicated in the next space outside. The game has been released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox One. There are no further announcements regarding a possible Nintendo Switch version of this game. In the game, the player assumes the role of a child in a fantasy world populated by magical creatures known as Maquettes.

The boy’s goal is to rescue his kidnapped brother, acquire the legendary wand known as the Maquette, and return home. Unlike many other adventure games, Maquette has a first-person perspective. Moving the camera with the mouse controls allows the player to examine the environment more closely. The player must also make use of objects found around the environment to solve puzzles or reach goals.

The puzzles in Maquette are fun to complete and don’t take too long to complete, but they do have a learning curve. Some of the tasks are quite advanced, and require the player to use some quick thinking and critical thinking skills. This game has received mixed reviews, with some praising it for its cute graphics and cute characters, while others criticizing it for the difficulty level and slow gameplay. It has also received a lot of criticism for the length of the game, which can seem boring at times.

4. Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is a third person action-adventure video game developed and released by IO Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on February 20th, 2021. The game is an open-world style third person shooting-adventure that revolves around the storyline of a multinational organization called the Solutions Company. It stars Hitman Program graduate Hitman Organization’s new recruit, which seems to be a good guy…until he gets hired by the Solutions Company to kill a target known as the ‘Grim Reaper’.

Based off of the “The Escapade” video-game, Hitman 3 includes many of the same locations and settings seen in the previous games in the Hitman franchise. There are new locations to visit, new people to meet, new weapons to use, new challenges to take on, and much more.

In addition to these things, the new game has a new story-line revolving around four separate revenge plots involving three different personalities that are loosely connected to Hitman. For example, one character is the boss, another is an assassin, and there’s also a new member of the team called errand boy that doesn’t seem to be much of a member.

Based off of the successful PC video games released by Square Enix, Hitman 3: Gold Edition includes all the features of the previous releases. The upgrade to the game comes with new missions and challenges, improved weapon and combat mechanics, and the chance to replay popular levels from the original release if you fail.

The additions in the Xbox One version include full controller support for the fist-fights with enemies, the ability to see the perspective of other players in split screen mode, improved memory capacity, and new features such as the ability to capture screenshots and upload them to YouTube. The improvements and additions in the PlayStation 4 version don’t have as much content as the Xbox One version, but it still features most if not all the content from the original release.

5. Monster Hunter Rise

This Rise ofgonagon is an upcoming action-packed role-playing video game developed and released by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch. It was originally released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch in Japan, Korea, and other Asian regions. It is scheduled for a year-end release on North American computers in early 2021. The game features an all new Monster Hunteromi “Marks”.

Throughout the Monster Hunter Rise video game you will explore many parts of the world as a member of the humankind squad, the Monster Hunter. You’ll have to seek out powerful monsters that are inside the dungeons of the game and defeat them to gain entry into the tower.

Upon entering the tower, you’ll be tasked to do quests and engage in battles with large monsters that are bosses. As you progress through the game, you’ll find more Monster Hunter gear, weapons, and armor that you can use to customize your own Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter has many multiplayer features including player versus player (PVP) and co-op missions as well as a PvE (action) hub quest where you can fight and kill large monsters for rewards. The Monster Hunter franchise has become one of the best selling games for the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and PS4. One of the best things about the

Monster Hunter franchise is that it utilizes the power of the Switch’s portability and versatility. With the help of the wireless strap, the Wii U can connect up to four different gaming consoles at once. The Monster Hunter: Rise ofgonagon game allows you to play the game right from your couch!

6. Bowsers Fury

Bowsers Fury is a video game bundle with the first installment of the popular Super Mario 3D series, Super Mario 3D World, on board. The game is an open-world, scrolling action/adventure game where the gamer takes up the role of Mario, who returns to save his friends once again. Mario must now save his beloved friends from a hoard of enemies (including the return of Koopa Troopa), who are bent on destroying the world and stealing the three princesses of hearts – Princess Peach, Princess Toadstool and Daisy – for their own selfish reasons.

On his way, Mario must battle new threats such as the Thwomps, Dry Bones, Buzzy Bumble Bee, Koopa Troopa and Blocky Boots, who all pose a threat to the world.

Like its predecessors, Bowsers Fury features plenty of classic elements found in a good Super Mario game, but additionally introduces new elements that make the game more exciting and rewarding to play. One of these elements is the presence of an ally system that allows your character (either Mario or another character) to hire a number of fighters who assist him in his quests, as well as being able to switch between them at any time, taking advantage of their unique skills and attack moves.

The allies include Koopa Troopa, who can be hired to take down various obstacles in the game; Lickitrous Crumble, who throws spiked balls; Blooper, who can transform into a turtle; Tiny Tiger, who has the ability to stun and steal items; and finally, Koopa Kid, who can transform into an adult. All of these characters are featured in some fashion in the game itself, and can help you beat the odds and reach the goalposts as you fight through the game’s many stages.

Though Bowsers Fury does not quite live up to the excellent reception that Super Mario 3D World received when it was released, Nintendo doesn’t seem too bothered, and promises that future games in the franchise will feature all of the classic elements that made the original one so popular in the first place. In the meantime, those looking for something new can look towards other entries in the franchise to keep the adventure going.

There are still a number of hours in which you can spend playing Super Mario 3D World, and this version of Bowsers Fury provides everything that you could hope for in a side-scrolling platformer. If you want to have an experience with a side-scrolling platformer that offers just as much pure entertainment as its predecessors, then you will definitely want to pick up Bowsers Fury.


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