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USB handbrake, 14-bit USB handbrake Suitable


USB handbrake

Colour: Black 
1. The non-contact switch, the fourteenth non-contact sensor is more accurate, the replacement time is long, and it will not generate heat in long-term continuous operation.

2. Plug and play: USB cable connection is convenient, easy to install, does not support XBOX 1 and PS4, only supports PC Windows system.

3. The height can be adjusted according to the operating height of the steering wheel

4. Solid handbrake, universal handbrake for racing games and simulators

5. In addition to the chip, the control system is an all-steel structure, which is safe and reliable.

6. Small size, saving space. The ergonomic curved handle is close to the steering wheel, providing you with the most realistic speed experience.


Material: stainless steel + nylon + USB + chip

Function: USB

Corresponding: pc-usb

Sensor: 14-bit non-contact hole sensor.


Size (approximate): 450 175 80mm,

Product weight: 1.75kg Package content: 1 detachable handbrake, 1 fixing clip, mini wrench, USB cable
☆Sim Racing universal handbrake, with a metal specification of 95%. High-rigidity compression springs can reduce impact, and have tensile strength and wear resistance. The control system is made of steel, no chips, very safe and reliable.
☆Solid-state USB handbrake-universal for racing games and simulators, with small space and space saving. The arc-shaped handle installed on the human body is firmly fixed on the handle.
☆The non-contact 14-bit sensor has high accuracy, long life, and will not continue to overheat, plug and play-the USB cable is easy to connect and easy to install, and only supports PC systems.
☆Independent additional game equipment for controlling racing games. No need to install drivers. Connect directly to USB. The USB progressive handbrake can be easily connected to the PC Windows system.。Assttto Corsa and iRacing are set to use, the effect will be better. If Windows 10 is not compatible in the PC environment, please change to Windows 10/64Bit.
☆We provide you with the most realistic gaming experience. Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. If your system is not compatible, please contact us, we will provide you with the USB PC Handbrake manual, thank you for your purchase.

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