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What are The Odds? by Gatwick Games –

From the brand

gatwick goat lords its in the bag cover your, kids gamesgatwick goat lords its in the bag cover your, kids games

More Game Time - Less Screen time, Family friendly, relationships, kids, teensMore Game Time - Less Screen time, Family friendly, relationships, kids, teens More Game-Time | Less Screen-Time! Games so fun you can’t resist getting off your phone!

Our story

How we got our start? I come from a family of 11 children! I love spending time with my family. Gatwick Games started with a love of games, and a love of quality time. Every game we make, we strive to create wonderful experiences that build lasting relationships and happiness! What makes our product unique? In a world of isolation and high amounts of screen time, we have committed a portion of our profits to organizations that fight depression, loneliness, and suicide. The world needs games. But mostly you need each other. Games bring people together in a powerful way! We love games and quality time! Why we love what we do? We are on a mission to create games so wacky, so immersive, and so fun that you can’t help but get off your screens to play our games. We LOVE creating games and then hearing from our thousands of fans who can’t stop playing our games (and spending time together). It’s YOU that makes it worth it!

✦ Voted #1 Word Of Mouth Game every year… ✦ …but now it is a CARD GAME! Once played in the streets across the world, now comes to your home in the shape of a nice sturdy box and cards.
➟ With “What Are The Odds?” trademarked, we hope to trademark your new experience with fun, laughter, boldness, and happiness. You will cry, you will laugh and you may be a little ashamed.
✚ Survive Odds & Dares Like You’ve Never Seen…✚ Whether it is eating a booger or doing a dance, you will get your friends and teammates to cheer you on and do it while laughing.
✅ Enjoy Our 100% Fun Factor Guarantee! ✅ ➟ Your complete joy and satisfaction are our top priority. If you play What Are The Odds and it isn’t an instant hit, just let us know via Amazon’s messaging platform and we’ll provide a full refund – no questions asked!

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