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Wheel Stand Pro S Compatible with

Product Description

Wheel Stand Pro Has Produced High Quality Wheel Stands Since 2008

· Wheel Stand Pro was patented in Europe in 2008 and was the first construction of this type in the world.

· We provide sim racing and flying enthusiasts with quality products to enhance their experience.

· Wheel Stand Pro is about quality, durability and stability.

· This is a deluxe V2

This is Deluxe V2 Stand Compatible With:

Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke system (hard-mounted volant, Pro Flight Rudder pedals, throttle quadrant, trim wheel and panels support) Note this is the same as the Saitek unit below, Logitech has purchased Saitek.

Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System throttle quadrant, trim wheel and panels (hard-mounted volant, Pro Flight Rudder pedals, throttle quadrant, trim wheel and panels support)

High Quality Components With Quick Release Clamps

· European construction, built in-house

· Tempered steel

· Time tested components


How can something so light and unobtrusive be stable? The stability comes from the design that incorporates the user into the stability. The user has two contact points with the unit 1) Hands on the wheel and 2) Feet on the pedals. The physics of this enable Wheel Stand Pro to maintain a footprint that allows a compact frame without sacrificing the simulation experience. The wheel and the pedals are hard bolted to the frame…all of this adds up to a solid simulator experience.

Fully Adjustable and Compact

· Fully articulating, allows for players of all sizes to adjust the rig quickly and easily

· Adjustable tilt, height and location toward or away from the player for complete comfort

· Adjustable pedal location, forward or back

· Folds down for compact storage

What about the pole, is that going to get in the way of my experience?

Good question. Fortunately for you and Wheel Stand Pro…no. Your left leg is to the left of the pole and your right leg is …well, right of the pole. No conflict. Not only that, but in this design the two primary adjustments that are commonly made are within easy reach.

Pedals and wheel

Pedals and wheel

You supply the gear, we supply the stand

#1 Selling Wheel Stand in the world. Deluxe V2
Stable, portable and adjustable. Heavily reviewed and highly recommended.
Quick release clamps for fast adjustments, no knobs to turn to.
Handcrafted in Europe, made to last a life time.
Products are shipped in eco-friendly plain cardboard boxes to help the environment and to prevent theft.

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