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YEZI Flying Ball Toys Two Pcs, RC Toy for

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Product Description

Flying Toy BallFlying Toy Ball

Flying Toy BallFlying Toy Ball

A Mini Flying Toy Ball

Holding the ball vertically at the bottom, slide the power switch to the on position. After about 3 seconds, the propellers will begin to spin. Release the ball and allow it to ascend.
The sensors underneath the ball control the power. After it senses your hand or any object below it, it will quickly fly up and then at some height it will start to descend. When you place your hand underneath, it will fly up again.
Wnen the ball is in the air, you can aim and press the button on the remote control to turm the propellers off slowly and land.

Flying Toy BallFlying Toy Ball

Interactive Light Up Toys

With colored LED lights.Flying ball can change colors infinitely when flying.Attracting children’s attention greatly.
Flying ball is installed with infrared. Advanced hover technology makes it motion-sensitive.
When the sensor detects objects nearby or underneath,it will fly away automatically.If the ball does hit something, the propellers will stop to avoid damage.
After landing, turn the power switch off to conserve the charge. To continue flying, just turn the power back on.

Flying Toy BallFlying Toy Ball

Package Content

2 x Color box,2 x Flying Ball,2 x Remote Controller,2 x USB Charging Cable
High-flexibility Blades and Propellers.
It owns resistance to fall, security to use, and durability to contort
Flying ball has adopted automatic power-off protection system. When the Flying ball falls down to ground or collides with other objects, the power will turn off automatically.
Do not fly close to animals or faces.Kids under age of 13 years old shall play with the supervision from adults.

Flying Toy BallFlying Toy Ball

The Perfect Birthday Or Holiday Gifts

2 packs – package each separately – give surprises to your each kids.
Novel infrared induction control flying ball for kids.make flying more interesting.
With flashing LED light, provide kids with an intense visual effect.
Below the sensor automatic induction obstacles,keep flying not fall to the ground.
Jammed automatic power-off protection system,let parents dont worry about their children safe.

Flying Toy – 2 packs – package each separately – give surprises to your each kids
Hovers up to 15 feet – There are induction launcher and induction receiver at the bottom of the ball,when you turn on the switch, it will light on brilliantly,the flying ball can sense the objects around it and move intelligently.
Easy to control:Wireless remote control operation-When the ball is in the air, you can press the button on the remote control to decide turning on or off. When pressing, please make sure the direction of the indicator light is aligned with the induction area of the ball.
When the kid turns on the switch,the ball will be delayed for 3 seconds to fly to ensure safety.when the toy hits things, it will turn off automatically to avoid damage. Non-toxic ABS material,durable and environmental protection.
While charging.a red lamp inside the ball will iluminate.When fully charged the lamp will go out.From full discharge, charging takes about 25 minutes.Ball will fly as much as 30 minutes on full charge.

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